What Mom Really Wants. “Surprise Me!”



It used to be easy to surprise Mom.  It still can be so! Make your own card.  Put a chocolate chip smile face on the pancakes. Put a dandelion in a vase on the table.  Keep it simple.  

Want to really surprise her? . . .

  • Mend a fence. Have an argument with Mom? . . .  With a sibling? Nothing will make Mom happier than to see peace win.
  • Listen. To Mom or to someone who knows her best.  Whether it helps choose a gift or helps choose the meal, the art of listening is key.  Someone knows what Mom wants.
  • Spend time with Mom. The most precious gift Mom will receive is time with her loved ones. Stop.    Enjoy.  Laugh.  Giggle.  Reminisce.
  • Make the day ALL About Mom. Most Moms are super busy . . . just like you.  So she’ll really appreciate that you have dedicated the time you can give totally to her.


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