Alex and Ani: Gold or Silver . . . and Color!

Gold and Silver Alex and AniStarting a new Alex and Ani collection can be intimidating for some people when deciding which finish to choose.  While mixing gold and silver finishes was once frowned upon, today’s fashions readily embrace the mixing of the two.

Rafaelian Silver Finish and Rafaelian Gold Finish are designed to be worn together.  Each has an antique look from the oxidation process.  (Pricing for both is the same). 

Every bangle is coated with an anti-tarnish finish to protect the piece and hold the color.

Birthstone Bangles come in Shiny Silver and Shiny Gold.  Still eco-friendly, these bangles are polished silver and gold plated onto a brass base and coated with anti-tarnish. Not all bangles come in every finish, but mixing and matching is half of the fun!

Don’t forget to add COLOR!

Orange Alex and Ani CollectionAlex and Ani colored bangles are a great way to add dimension and variety to your bracelets.  When looking to mix colors into your Alex and Ani collection, think about your wardrobe and the colors you wear most.

Wear colors that compliment your clothing by choosing bangles in the same color family.  Do you have a colorful wardrobe?  Consider more neutral bangles such as blacks, browns and whites.  Wear a lot of black?  Change out the colored bangles with the season.  Blues and greens in the summer, golds and browns in the fall, blues and silvers in the winter, mauves or peaches in the spring.  Colored Alex and Ani bangles break up the silver and gold bangles, enhancing them while adding a unique element to your set.


Annie’s Recommends

Alex and Ani Nature Set• Wear your ‘normal everyday’ jewelry when you come to choose bangles.  We’ll mix and match with your existing jewelry to show you how versatile and trendy silver and gold can both be.  

• Not sure about choosing for someone else?  It used to be silver for the younger set and gold for older women – – but not so much anymore.  We’ll give it our best guess but know that we will exchange any unworn bangle in saleable condition.  Returnable for an even exchange.  We’ll make sure she loves your gift!

• For a really fantastic gift idea, choose a symbolic bangle (each bangle comes with a meaning card) and pair it with a colored bangle on either side.  Sets of three are a great starter set.


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