Baby Shower Invitations


Baby Shower Invitations

Precious little that doesn’t work today so the list of Baby Shower Do’s and Don’ts is all about ‘go for it!”

DO check with the Parents-to-Be on the date.  (Do this first.)

DO clear the date with the grandparents-to-be.  (Make sure the most important people can be there.)

DO wait until after the first trimester. (Always more fun when Mom-to-be has a little belly showing…)

DO think about tying it all together.  Colors?  Theme?  Animals?  Favorite book?  Invitations and food and decorations can be as creative as you let yourself become.  Need ideas for a theme?  Click here to view some of our more popular baby shower theme ideas.

You and the Mom-to-Be’s mother or sisters or best friends might need to brainstorm over what Mom really needs.  Whether she’s having her first, fourth, or sixth, her needs may lead you to a great idea for a theme and accompanying gifts.   First baby?  Try hanging baby clothes from a clothes line as part of the decorating.  (Maybe Mom can pick her favorites for baby’s wardrobe.)  Parents like to travel?  How about a “Bon Voyage, Baby!” Shower.  Second or third baby?  Maybe some size 2T and 3T clothes instead of infant apparel.  New mom?  Maybe an “ouch!” basket – complete with thermometer, baby Tylenol, children’s Band-Aids. 

Whatever your theme, the invitation sets the stage.  Be it a surprise . . . boy, girl, or mystery . . . themed . . . or based on Mom’s favorite color, our professional staff can help create an invitation for the party.  Let the fun begin here!

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