How to Get a Clean Brighton Handbag

Brighton handbags are built to last.  You have invested in a quality handbag . . . but (as with all handbags) every day wear and tear can take its toll.  A clean Brighton handbag looks fresh and new, even after weeks of use.

Restoring the vibrancy back into your bag is easy if you follow these simple steps.  First, empty your bag completely of its contents being sure to get any small particles at the bottom.

Brighton Cleaning Leather BagsFor Leather Handbags***

You will need: leather cleaner OR mild soap (such as Ivory) and warm water, 2 soft cloths, and leather conditioner/leather lotion

• Dampen one end of the soft cloth with leather cleaner or mild soap mixture

• Gently wipe away dust and debris from the bag

• Apply conditioner liberally with clean end of soft cloth

• Allow bag to dry

• Gently buff with second, clean soft cloth

Note: leather is a natural product and may change over time with use.

Regular cleaning and conditioning is very beneficial to your bag!

Brighton Microfiber HandbagFor Micro-fiber Handbags***

You will need: warm water, soft cloth

• Dampen cloth and gently scrub affected areas

• Allow bag to air dry

Some stains and marks cannot be treated.  Stains caused by ink, food, cosmetics, body lotion, oils, hand sanitizers and perfumes are a few amongst a long list of items that may permanently stain your handbag.

Note: Brighton provides cleaning services for registered micro-fiber and leather bags; however, this may not remove stains including those listed above.  

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