Gender Reveal Baby Showers . . .

Gender Reveal Baby Shower: It’s a . . . SURPRISE!


He or she . . . you’re invited to see.  The Gender Reveal party is a growing trend where the expecting parents choose to find out the sex of the child along with all of their friends and family.  The trick is to ask your ultrasound technician to seal the gender in an envelope which you can pass along to the professional who will be helping you to reveal the surprise.  Coming up with gender reveal ideas can be an overwhelming task, so here are a few popular and fun ideas to get you started:



1. Gender Reveal Cake- The inside of the gender reveal cake is either blue or pink, and until the expecting parents cut into it . . . they are just as clueless as the guests.  Give the envelope to the baker and explain what it is you are looking for, but to avoid décor hinting to the sex. This is fun for everyone involved as the anticipation is heavy and everyone can celebrate with some cake immediate after.





  2. Balloons in a Box- Bring the envelope to a local party store or gift shop that sells balloons; ask the associate to blow up the appropriate colored balloons for the sex.  If they are able to do so, provide them with a large box and tell them to seal it  shut . . . and if not have a trusted family member pick it up, then fill and seal the box. Decorate the outside with phrases like  “He or She? Open to See” and open the box to have the balloons fly out of the box. This is a WONDERFUL  photo op to  catch everyone’s reactions. 



balloon pop


3. Confetti Balloon Pop- Get a bouquet of blue and pink balloons with one large black balloon. This large black balloon will be filled with blue or pink confetti by the party supplier. The expectant couple pops the balloon to reveal the gender! This can also be done with many black balloons hanging from the ceiling allowing each guest to simultaneously pop their own. 





4. Silly String- One person is in charge of getting the supplies (the only one to know the gender.)  They will order enough blue or pink silly string for the guests and remove the labels. If the labels cannot be removed, use pink and blue paper to cover the cans. Guests can then spray silly string onto the couple for the big reveal! Great for summer baby showers . . . and a big hit with kids.





5. Pick Sides- Have guests guess whether it is a boy or girl by wearing pink or blue. This activity can also be done by having a chart divided in half by boy or girl and have guests write their names on the side of their guess. The winning team will win a prize! 





6. According to Old Wives’ Tales . . . – Make a chart of old wives’ tales about predicting the gender of the baby.  Include things like: cravings, heartbeat, and morning sickness; this makes a great decoration and really gets the conversation going.





Let us help you find the perfect invitation for you/your loved ones Gender Reveal Baby Shower.  Stop in soon and sit with one of our specially trained staff members to discuss the many possibilities.



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