Looking for a great gift for his birthday, Father’s Day, or the holidays?

Look no further, here are a few of Annie’s Best Seller’s for Men (great for the ladies, too).


The New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox definitely have our hearts as far as sports go. What’s not to love? We have the best teams, a great record.. and Tom Brady, of course! Get your favorite Patriots or Red Sox wear and merchandise in our store. Hats, shirts, pull-overs, picture frames, and more!







Arra David and Anne Johnson are lifetime New England rock hounds. Their designs bring the beauty of nature and natural stone into homes while leaving shorelines and forests unchanged. The two gather stones from private rivers and beaches, making sure when a stone is collected that they “plant” a new quarry stone. In the same spirit, they plant ten times the number of trees they use each year for responsible and sustainable production of their work. Sea Stones, located just up the street in Windham, New Hampshire, has been creating art with stones since 2003.




Recycled Beer Bottle Glasses are another way that ingenuity meets practicality. These upcycled beer bottle glasses would make a unique gift for the beer lover on your list or a fun addition to your own home bar or man cave.

They’re made by heating old beer bottles to temperatures over 2,000 degrees, and then reshaping them into tall tumblers, perfect for serving up a cold one. Each glass is hand cut then carefully sanded to remove all sharp edges. Handmade from 100% up cycled glass in Ontario, Canada.

For all the craft beer lovers out there this glass is a great gift! Not only can they be used for drinking glasses but also used as a vase, toothbrush holder, make up brush holder, kitchen utensil holder, pot for a plant, or whatever your heart desires. 




Richard Kolb and his father created the first Yardbird 25 years ago.  That piece was an instant hit, and they have been sculpting ever since.  Now, still handmade in Louisville, Kentucky, Richard tries to use overrun, discontinued, rejected and scrap materials as much as possible, including garden tools, car parts, farm implements, bicycle parts, and mufflers just to name a few. Recycling these materials saves them from ending up in a landfill. Half the fun is trying to figure out what was used to make each creature…  What do you see? Each piece is unique and whimsical, guaranteed to put a smile on your face! 




Khaki Tilley Hat


In 1980, Alex Tilley set forth to make a proper cotton sailing hat that suited all the needs of a sailor.  A hat that would float if dropped in the water, a hat that would provide secret storage space for money and credit cards.  A hat to properly protect from the sun while remaining breathable, a hat built to last a lifetime.  Thus was born the Tilley Hat.  Perfect for the outdoorsman or outdoor hobbyist, the Tilley Hat is a UPF certified sun hat for men  (it looks great on women too!)  The style is timeless.  Best of all? Tilley Hats are guaranteed for life to never wear out.  For the full Tilley Guarantee, click here



Worlds Thinnest WalletWorlds Thinnest Wallets

World’s Thinnest Wallets.  While the biggest advantage may be no more bulging pockets, we love this wallet for its other features as well.  Dropped your wallet in a puddle on a hike?  Simply lay it out to dry and count on a fast dry time, every time.  Complete with an internal cross pattern stitch and moisture wicking coating, the thin nylon makes these wallets durable and water-resistant. Allett wallets are lined with the same RFID blocking alloy used by the US military in tactical gear.

Allett is a family-owned-and-operated company, making products that provide comfort, style, and performance.  Once you own an Allett wallet, you will never want to use another brand.  (At Annie’s, we know this to be fact!)


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