Hallmark Shutterfly

Two great companies, Hallmark and Shutterfly, teamed up to give you the easiest way to create memorable works of art.  Purchase a “One of a Kind Creation” frame and follow the simple instructions on the inside to log onto Shutterfly.com.  Upload the photo you want to display and … you’re done! Printing and shipping is free; your finished product will arrive in a protective envelope days later.  Designed to perfectly fit into the frame, “One of a Kind Creation” photos take away the hassle of spending hours of cutting to make the piece look picture perfect.

With Hallmark’s innovative designs and Shutterfly’s quality of prints, these make for clearly original gifts for any occasion.  Great for grandparents from the grandchildren, or for display of a family photo on the mantle . . Click here to watch a video tutorial to see just how easy making your own “One of a Kind Creation” can be.



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