Hallmark Storybooks

Stories have always been about more than just “once upon a time” and “the end.”  Sitting down to read a story with your child is about hearing laughter, about showing love, about creating memories.  From the story’s beginning to its end, Hallmark believes you should enjoy each page, instilling values and life lessons – – all the while having fun.



The best kinds of stories are told by the ones you love.  Let the little ones you love know that you are never far away by recording their favorite stories for them to listen to in your voice.  Children never grow tired of hearing you read their favorite stories to them, even if you are far away!  The options include children’s classics, Hallmark originals, and even stories featuring favorite Disney characters.


What is bedtime without a cuddly friend?  Hallmark took the idea a step further by introducing Interactive Story Buddies. Now, a child’s best friend can be part of the fun at bedtime!    Your child hears a unique story – – one they want to read again and again.   While reading, the Interactive Story Buddy will chime in during key parts of the story.  From cuddly dogs to Tigger himself, there is a Story Buddy for every child to love.  Story Buddies.  New best friends for countless bedtimes to come.



No more memorization of your child’s favorite storybook, now you can BE a part of the story!  As you read the story, the book’s main character will ask your child questions.  The answers determine the outcome of the story.  One book.  Endless possibilities.


Let their imaginations soar to incredible heights by making them the starring role of their very own story.  You’re the Star of the Story combines dress-up with reading fun by including accessories for your child to wear.  The accessories are the same ones worn by the main character, and even react to special phrases in the story by playing music, character voices and sound effects.  After hearing all about their triumphs . . . your child takes  imagination to a new level by creating his or her very own story.



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