Enjoying Lifetime Candles by White River Designs

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Lifetime CandlesHandcrafted in Harrison, Arkansas, Lifetime Candles by White River Designs use smokeless and odorless paraffin candle oil.  Lifetime fiberglass wick NEVER needs replacing.  One of our most popular lines this year!

Lifetime Candles by White River Designs have:

a green wrapper with a black screw top cap underneath.  Also included is a glass button shaped tube with wicking inserted.

To Open:

Remove the green foil wrapper and unscrew the black cap.  Now that the candle is open, place the button shaped glass tube with wicking in the candle.  The button top will rest on the opening of the candle.  The wick may need to be repositioned to reach the oil.  Never use the wicking without the glass tube.

Lighting Lifetime Candles by White River Designs:

Place your candle in a draft free environment.  Adjust wick before lighting to a height of 1/16” above the top of the glass tube.  The lifetime fiberglass wick will not burn down and doesn’t need to be replaced.  After lighting, if any smoke is present, extinguish flame and reduce the height of the wick.  Failure to follow these instructions could result in smoke damage.

Things to consider:

• Use only pure paraffin smokeless and odorless oil in this product.  Do not use regular lamp oil.

• Caution: Never use gasoline, scented oil, or alcohol as fuel.  Oil is harmful or fatal if swallowed.  It is combustible and contains petroleum hydrocarbons.  If swallowed, do not induce vomiting.  Call physician immediately. 



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