Benefits of Lavender

Benefits of Lavender

Lavender Oil. One of the trendiest herbs in today’s market.

Native to northern Africa and the mountainous region of the Mediterranean, lavender is effective in treating minor burns, bug bites, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pre-menstrual emotional symptoms. Check out these further amazing benefits:

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Bug Repellent:  Many bugs (including mosquitoes and moths) are repelled by the potent scent of lavender in soaps and perfumes.  Apply a small amount of lavender oil on exposed skin when outside to prevent bites.  If you have already been bitten, lavender’s anti-inflammatory qualities reduce irritation and pain.

Sleep:  Sooner or later, insomnia happens to all of us. Enter lavender. Studies on elderly patients have shown an increase in sleep regularity when normal sleep medication was replaced with a drop of lavender essential oil on their pillows. Lavender has such a relaxing and calming effect on people that a drop of lavender essential oil, a lavender sleep mask, and lavender potpourri bundles have proven effective replacement to modern medicine for sleep issues.

Nervous System: Lavender’s calming scent is an excellent remedy for nerves and anxiety issues. Further, lavender can be helpful in treating migraines, headaches, depression, nervous tension, and emotional stress. The refreshing aroma removes nervous exhaustion and restlessness while also increasing mental activity. One study showed that people taking tests showed a significant decrease in mental stress and anxiety, as well as increased cognitive function when they inhaled lavender oil and rosemary oil before taking an exam.  Lavender helps anxious dental patients, pre-menstrual emotional symptoms, heart-rate variances.  Need to concentrate?  Your child needs to focus?  Try lavender essential oil to calm the nerves and focus the brain!

Pain Relief: If you are experiencing pains caused by sore and tense muscles, rheumatism, sprains, or backache, lavender may be the perfect remedy for you.  A massage with lavender oil can provide relief from pain in your joints and muscles. Using lavender essential oil mists or air fresheners have been known to reduce pain and soreness.

Respiratory Disorders:  Lavender oil is a widely used alternative method to reducing symptoms of throat infections, flu, cough, cold, asthma, sinus congestion, bronchitis, whooping cough, laryngitis, and tonsillitis – simply by applying the oil to the skin of the neck, chest, and back.  Lavender can loosen phlegm, relieve congestion, and speed up the recovery process of certain respiratory illnesses.

Blood Circulation:  Lavender oil is beneficial for blood circulation as it lowers blood pressure and is often used for hypertension.  This means that organs increase their levels of oxygenation, promoting muscle strength and health.  Brain activity receives a noticeable boost, skin remains bright, and the body is protected from risks of heart attack and problems associated with poor circulation.

Wedding: On the wedding scene, lavender symbolizes love and loyalty.  An optimal choice for bouquets and boutonnieres, lavender is becoming a popular replacement for throwing (instead of rice).  Decorating lemonades and waters, cakes and soaps,  lavender is infusing itself into many a summer wedding.

Food: In the food world, too, lavender is winning.  A difficult to use ingredient, it still appeared as a popular flavor during the most recent Fancy Food Show in New York City.  In pound cakes and beyond, culinary lavender is making its way into kitchens around the world.

Other:  Lavender oil can be beneficial in relieving symptoms of indigestion, acne, cancer, stomach pain, and eczema.  It can speed up the healing process of minor wounds, cuts and burns as it improves the formation of scar tissue.

Warnings:  As with many essential oils, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using lavender essential oil. Patients with diabetes or people with unusually sensitive skin should also stay away from lavender oil. Some people may experience nausea or headaches due to excessive use. Most importantly, lavender oil should never be ingested – only topically applied or inhaled through means of aromatherapy.

Sonoma Lavender:  One of Annie’s new favorite product lines.  American-made in the sunny Sonoma Valley of northern California.

Family-owned and operated, Sonoma Lavender cultivates about five acres of lavender—roughly 7,000 lavender plants.  Proprietors Rebecca and Gary, along with their two children, plant, tend, harvest, and carefully dry the crop.  Then local artisans take over, hand-crafting the company’s unique product line, ranging from wreaths and other decorative accessories, to pillows and sachets, to their “spa line” of products.

Try this wonderful new line and start enjoying the benefits of lavender!

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