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“Family is the most important thing in the world.” –Princess Diana

family-services-incIn 2012, Annie’s Hallmark and the Pandora Store in the Rockingham Mall held a month-long fundraiser to raise money for Family Services, Inc., one of the local charities dedicated to empowering, nurturing and supporting children and families.

Funds were raised through the sale of Pandora charms representing children’s activities as well as a raffle held in our stores.  The contribution was made to Family Services, Inc., of Lawrence, to help with community educational and mental health services.  These services allow them to work with families and children to develop their inner strengths and learn valuable life skills.

This community-focused non-profit based out of Lawrence, MA, has been changing lives for more than 160 years.  Initially founded to assist newly-arrived millworkers in Lawrence, Family Services, Inc., has shifted their mission to help children and their families through life’s challenges.  Family Services, Inc., provides many important programs for the community’s youth- – as well as for individuals seeking mental health assistance with depression, trauma, anxiety and other mental health issues.  This organization has several services for the community’s youth including academic tutoring and youth mentoring through their “Big Friends, Little Friends” program which matches caring adult mentors with children in need of adult role models.

In addition to their youth services, this non-profit also offers many classes for parents.  Not only are there classes for expecting parents but also classes for parents entering divorce, and classes for pregnant or parenting teenagers.  The “Young Empowered Parents (YEP!)” program works with young parents in the community to help them provide and care for their child while pursuing their own education and life goals.

To learn more about the many programs offered by Family Services, Inc. or to learn how you can help, please visit their website.

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