PANDORA is Boston Strong


In response to the Boston Marathon Bombings in April of 2013 that killed 3 people and injured 264, the One Fund was established to help those most affected by the horrific events that took place.  In addition to the emergence of the One Fund, the phrase “Boston Strong” became a predominant theme after the attack.  Symbolizing the strength of our community in times of hardship, the colors blue (symbolic of unity) and yellow (symbolic of hope) have been worn with pride since.

It was this local patriotism that inspired us to create the Pandora Boston Strong Charm.  This charm was available in both a blue and white murano with the words “Boston Strong” engraved onto them.  Customers and associates both were enthused to show their Boston pride.  A portion of the proceeds was directly donated to the One Fund, and the charms helped to raise awareness for the great cause while spreading a positive message.

To date, the One Fund has raised more than $25 million to help victims of the bombing with screening, counseling and medical bills.  

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