Pandora Charms: Monkeying Around!

Lianna with wordsPandora Charms: Monkey Family CharmPandora Charms: Monkeying Around!

A Pandora moment with Lianna. Four sisters came into the store and all chose the Pandora Charms Chimp Family – which begged the question, “what’s the story behind the selection”. They were on a family vacation with ALL their families to Puerto Rico, and one adventurous sister climbed on a fence to get a picture of some monkeys. Unfortunately, she took a spill and ended up in the hospital, thankfully not hurt too badly. The sister knew that the chimp family charm would CLEARLY distinguish that vacation from all others.

Celebrate your favorite moments with Pandora Charms. Pandora charms and jewelry are made from high quality 92.5% sterling silver and 14k gold. Moments (charms) feature hand-set (never glued) gemstones and cubic zirconia, durable enamel, and hand-crafted Italian Murano glass.  View the Pandora Gift Guide located at the bottom of our Pandora Page.


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