Pure Water for the World

pure-waterMore than 1.2 billion people around the world lack access to safe, clean drinking water.  This absence of such a basic necessity for life leads to more than 2.4 million deaths per year.  90% of these deaths occur before the age of 5.

These statistics are especially true in Haiti where cities are still recovering from the massive 7.0 earthquake in January 2010.  Four years after the earthquake claimed the lives of more than 200,000 people, the wrath continues as 49% of rural Haitians struggle with dehydration and waterborne illnesses.

With your support, we raised funds to donate to Pure Water for the World (PWW). PWW seeks to change these statistics by providing filtration systems to under served communities without access to safe drinking water.  These filtration systems not only combat diseases and dehydration, but enable children to go to school and create jobs for the Haitians who build these filters. 

The filters require no electricity, are easy to transport, are inexpensive to make.   However, in a country where some cities have annual incomes of $90-300, neither private sector nor government can provide the funds needed.  Pure Water for the World is a fantastic non-profit working to educate the population on basic sanitation while providing safe drinking water to areas that have no access to it.

Be sure to watch the video and keep an eye out for Annie’s Hallmark Baldoria owner Jackie Bannister, who traveled to Haiti with Pure Water as a volunteer.  For more information about how you can participate, visit the Pure Water for the World website here.  To learn more about upcoming charities, subscribe to our newsletter and be sure to take a look at our current charity here.


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