Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher Gift Ideas

Celebrate the teacher in your child’s life with an A+ gift they will love.  Teachers have dozens of students and receive countless mugs and apple-themed figurines . . . here are some great suggestions from moms and customers who are looking for something a little different to express their appreciation . . .curious george keepsake ornament

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments are fantastic because of their diversity.  Sit down with your child and try to learn more about the teacher, and then check out Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornament Dream Book to find the perfect ornament.

• Is your child’s teacher a big reader? Check out the Storybook Keepsake Ornaments on page 36 of the 2014 Dream Book!

• Hallmark many great character ornaments from series like Disney, Looney Toons, Peanuts, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Marvel, NFL and more.

Alex and Ani

apple-alex-and-aniAlex and Ani has become extremely popular over the past few years.  The bracelets are lightweight, stackable, and reasonably priced, but above all . . . they are personal.  Each bracelet, infused with positive energy and symbolic meaning, carries a message from sender to receiver.  Take it a step further and add teacher’s favorite color with the addition of a beaded bangle.

• If your child’s teacher has no Alex and Ani bangles yet, we recommend you start her off with the Apple Bangle. It is made for teachers and symbolizes insight and wisdom.

• Other great bangles for teachers?  Path of Life, Lucky Clover, Born to Be Something, Sea Shell, Create Peace of Mind, Birthstones and Initials.


Pandora is highly-regarded in the jewelry industry creating unique and expressive
charms for everyone and every occasion.  Pandora has a variety of earrings, bracelets, pandora-teacher-charmsrings, necklaces and charms to choose from to make the perfect statement about how thankful you are to your child’s teacher.

• There are several teacher-themed charms to choose from including the Apple of My Eye, Wise Owl, Study Books, and even specialized charms for specific subjects like art, sports and music.

• Start her off with a set, team up with other parents in the class and go in on a bracelet with a few different charms on it!

Many price points to choose from.

Willow Treedemdaco

These hand-painted resin sculptures are known for their expressive nature and symbolic meanings.  Willow Tree by Demdaco has an extensive line of figurines symbolizing relationships, hobbies and emotions that very effectively express sentiments between giver and receiver.

• “Love of Learning” and “You’re the Best!” figurines are popular choices for teachers.

• Love the gift that goes away and comes out once a year?  Willow Tree makes beautiful ornaments.


Give a gift as unique as your child’s teacher.  Paparté offers a variety of stationery, pens, drinkware and more that you can personalize with initials, names, colors and patterns.  A  one-of-a-kind gift they will paparteappreciate for years to come.

• Washable acrylic tumblers for water during the workday and are completely re-usable are popular for those in a classroom or an office alike.

• First name?  Initials?  Last name?  Personalized stationery is a practical and special gift.

Don’t forget the card!

Gifts are a great way to say thanks to your child’s teacher for all of their hard work.  A Hallmark Card adds a truly meaningful touch. Invite your child to sit down and write a message to his/her teacher inside the card.  What was the best day of the year?  What was your child’s favorite subject?  What was your child’s best field trip?  Many teachers hold onto these cards and notes, knowing they are as precious as the gift itself.


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