Throw a Housewarming Party!


Whousewarming invitehether this be your first or third house . . . the most important thing is to fill your home with good energy and happiness.  What better way to celebrate your new home than with a housewarming party with friends, family, and neighbors.

1. Invitations– Housewarming parties are casual affairs.  A simple, fun invite is usually best.  A phone call or e-invite will do the job . . . but everyone loves getting a personal invite in the mail!  Be mindful of the size of your house and yard when creating your guest list.  Request an RSVP for 1-2 weeks in advance giving you the time you need to plan food and drinks. 

2. Plan for the Weather– Take a look at the weather forecast a few days before the party. If it looks like rain, plan ahead and keep mats by the doors for guests to wipe their feet.  You may want to put large baskets near the door with shoes already in them, suggesting that guests leave their shoes at the door to avoid muddy footprints.  Consider buying a few inexpensive packs of socks in varying sizes to leave by the door for guests who might feel uncomfortable walking through the house barefoot.

3. Food– Look more for finger foods and canned or bottled beverages.  This makes it easier for people to mingle, and reduces spills in your new home.  Try to stick with crowd-pleasers in a buffet-style and have lots of snacks that don’t perish quickly.

4. Decorate– Your guests are there to celebrate your new move . . . and they aren’t expecting buffeteverything to be perfectly in place.  Decorations can be as simple as a few bouquets of fresh flowers in several rooms, a “home sweet home” banner and some balloons at the home’s entry.

5. Invite the Neighbors– A lot of people tend to forget this one, but if you are hosting a large housewarming party . . . there is going to be a lot of traffic, cars, and noise.  This gives you an opportunity to make friends with the neighbors which is invaluable.  Say a quick hello the day or two before, let them know about the event and the size of it as a courtesy, and tell them to drop by for the fun if they wish!

6. Write out Thank You Notes– Keep tabs of who came.  It is customary for people to bring housewarming gifts, and even if they don’t they should be thanked for coming to see the new house.  Whether it is an email or a note, a thank you is always appreciated.

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Stop in soon. One of specially trained associates can help you with all your invitation and thank you card needs.


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