What is Positive Energy?

What is Positive Energy?

One of the most common questions asked about Alex and Ani is: What is Positive Energy?Alex and Ani Positive Energy

You see the message everywhere—on the bangle cards, on display signs, and even on the bangles.  Every authentic Alex and Ani bangle has several small metal tags, one of which states that the bracelet is “Infused with (+) Energy 

Positive energy is the natural energy that supports life.  Ancients commonly referred to this energy as “chi” or “prana,” but today science refers to this as “vital force.”  Alex and Ani embraces the power of positive energy as the core company belief.  The company infuses its products with this positive energy in three equally important ways:

1. The products are manufacAlex and Ani charmed armstured and infused with positive intentions.  Alex and Ani carefully and selectively chooses American factories in which to produce their jewelry lines.

2. The featured symbols on each design carry their own energies.  Carefully researched to empower the wearer to embrace their positive life force, each symbol is assigned three words that the wearer can embrace in their everyday life.  These three words are on the card that accompanies the bangle.

3. Each design is intended to empower the wearer with positive energy and to reflect the unique qualities of the person.

Your Alex and Ani collection is meant to reflect your unique qualities and abilities.  You are the designer of your collection!  Choose pieces with sentimental meaning, as well as symbols of protection, power, and intentions.  Create your own set and embrace your own positive energy.


Choosing bangles with meaning for friends is fun as well.  Each bracelet comes with a card explaining the energy behind the symbol of that bangle.  Your sisters, your mom, your friends will wear collections with meanings from all corners of their lives.



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