Lolita Glass Care Tips

Designs By Lolita Baby BoyLolita Glass Care Tips

Everything you need to know about caring for your Lolita Glassware from the official Lolita website: (Don’t have one, stop in and view our large selection. Great gift ideas!)

• Lolita products are beautiful, yet fragile pieces.  To enjoy life with your Lolita glasses longer, here are some recommended care instructions and helpful tips!

• Gently hand wash your glass – DO NOT put it in the dishwasher!

• Neither acrylic nor glass products from Designs by Lolita are dishwasher safe.

• Refrain from using any kind of abrasive material when washing or drying your glasses.  Rough sponges and gritty soaps can harm your glass – scratching the surface of the paint or added decor.

• Remember extreme temperature changes can affect the continuity of glass.  Adding ice to a drink or keeping your Lolita glass in too warm a place could create stress cracks in the glass.  We recommend avoiding sudden temperature change in your drinks.


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