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Brumate : Champagne Flute 12oz | Rainbow Titanium

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Hate warm, flat champagne? Who doesn't! By introducing a drink-through, flip-top lid, and our BevGuard™ technology Brumate was able to double the size of a traditional champagne flute while keeping your drinks cold and carbonated up to 5x longer. Sip more. Refill less.

  • 5x the bubbles
  • 20x colder than a normal glass
  • 12 oz capacity
  • Bevguard technology

Gone are the days of warm beer and flat seltzers. Brumate products keep all of your favorite drinks perfectly chilled until the last drop, and look epic while doing it. Brumate's Bevguard technology guarantees your drinks stay ice-cold and refreshing, without the metallic aftertaste other stainless steel products often have. So sip back and relax.

  • Perfectly chilled drinks
  • Glass-free zone friendly
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • No metallic taste ever
  • Always cold and refreshing

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