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Portable UV Light Sterilizer

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Includes 1 sterilizer in assorted color at random. Specific color choice cannot be requested.

Use it on your Face Masks, Cell Phones, Smart Phones, MP3 Players, Earphones, Toothbrushes, Watches, Toys, Pacifiers, Eyeglasses, Keys, Jewelry, and more! (Light should not be used on skin)

What is UV-C Light? UV Light is a science-backed and proven technology that kills bacteria and viruses by breaking down their DNA at the molecular level. 

Quickly double-click the power button to turn on. Press once to turn off. 

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  • Who is the manufacturer and how long do you have to charge it

    Hi Louise,

    These are made in China. You only have to charge them for a short while, 20 minues or so. There is a trick to turning them on. You need to double tap the on/off button quic to tunr on. One tap to shut off

  • How long do you need to keep an item under the light before it is considered sterilized?

    Hi Joanna,

    According to the directions you scan back around 5 cycles on the surface of anything you want to sterlize and it kills 99% of Germs , Viruses and Bacteria in 59 Seconds.

  • What strength of UV-C light does this device emit?

    Hi Laurayne,

    5V/500 MA input voltage
    3PCS UV led bead
    Kills 99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria